Refrigerated Air Conditioning

Learn More about Refrigerated Air Conditioning Systems

The demand for refrigerated air conditioning systems is increasing steadily. These air conditioners are ideal for places with high temperatures where the other cooling systems cannot provide the much needed comfort. They work by removing the hot air from the indoor space of a home. The hot air is transferred outside. These systems cool, re-circulate and dehumidify air in a room when doors and windows are shut.

How the systems work

These systems work by drawing air via their return air grille. After filtering this air, it is passed via the refrigeration coil after then conditioned. The cooled or heated air is then transferred to the ducting from where it is delivered to the rooms. These systems absorb and dissipate heated air outside from the indoor environment during summer. They reduce moisture that is found in the air via de-humidification relieving your home the heat and humidity of summer days.


There are numerous advantages of these systems that you should know before you decide to buy and install it. For instance, these systems work well in all humid conditions. The systems are very efficient because they can give between 1.5 and 3 cooling units for each electricity unit that they use. They are ideal for allergies than the evaporative units. Since the systems operate on a reverse cycle design, they can also function like heaters. Some of these conditioning systems run on an inverter or variable speed motors. These models are highly efficient when compared to the standard or single speed air conditioners.


Refrigerated air conditioning systems require refrigerants which produce emissions. These make them less eco-friendly as compared to evaporative air conditioners. Since they have a complex mechanical process, they also require more energy to run. In terms of electricity costs, maintenance and installation, these air conditioners are more expensive. These systems operate on a closed system which means that when using them, doors and windows must be closed.


When purchasing this air conditioning unit, it is important that you choose the right size of an air conditioning unit for your home. An over-sized conditioner will cause over cooling. This will necessitate frequent turning off and on of the air conditioner which will cause wearing out. An under-sized unit will not cool your indoor space adequately. Therefore, consider the cooling or heating capacity of the air conditioner that you purchase to ensure that you have the right system in your home.

Consider your entire house cooling or zoning

These air conditioning systems are used to cool or heat the entire house throughout the year. However, you can also zone a home. For instance, you can use the system to heat or cool some areas during the day and others at night. Thus, using the system, you can air condition your living areas throughout the day and sleeping areas throughout the night. This way, you can reduce the overall cost of running the air conditioning system. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to choose a refrigerated air conditioning system that suits the specific cooling and heating needs of your home.


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